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Experience learning. Online.


Experiential learning
scenarios and challenges.

Energise your virtual classroom, help employees discover ideas and concepts,
and practice the newly acquired behaviours, all of these while our analytics engine
provides insights for your debriefing process.





Run simulated scenarios designed for
agile & multidisciplinary teams

Experiential learning content for teams in fast-moving industries






Extra focus on building collaboration skills for remote teams.

Each team scenario allows the practice of different aspects of working in a fast-paced environment, with focus on developing meeting management, time management, communication, decision-making, problem-solving skills & agile processes.

Create your own scenario

Develop custom scenarios with our library of game mechanics and sell them in the marketplace.

Scenarios developed by Houston

Run original team scenarios built by the Houston team with over 100 combinations of gameplay.

Scenarios developed by Houston partners

Run original team scenarios developed by our partners.

Play your way.

Run text-based, image-based or 3D experiences and link how many games you want for a full experience.

It’s constant process optimization.
Benchmark performance and practice to improve results.

Did learning happen? Gather data on efficiency and effectiveness of each team to generate a comprehensive report on group performance and measure progress from one challenge to another to show actual impact.

AI-powered fully automated learning sessions.
It’s the smart way of doing things.

Deliver the best insights with individually tailored profiles and automatically suggest further improvement paths.

Create your own team scenarios

Use our library of game mechanics to create your own experiential learning content through an easy to use, step-by-step process.



Simulate decision-making processes in a group, where information is distributed between players.


Standard information distribution with added game mechanics for higher complexity tasks.


Customize the number of questions, game mechanics and number of challenges.

Experienced by innovative companies

No stress with IT.
A web based app that’s securely encrypted
and 100% GDPR compliant.

We even delete all participant data automatically after 7 days.

Niall O’Connor


“The powerful learning output and data analytics derived from the team scenarios help our clients futureproof and upskill their workforce so they can adapt to the new world of online collaboration.

Cristina Leca

TOD, Country Coordinator
@Continental Automotive

“What Houston does very well is to create experiential learning moments in the virtual space that are as natural as the real life experiences.

Rob Day

Managing director

“The sequential nature of the programs allows us to benchmark current skills, build development strategies and then retest to measure learning improvements.”

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