All the features you need to run any type of team events

Multiple simulated situations for virtual teams

Each simulation uses game mechanics and storytelling to engage participants into a collaborative challenge that simulates different aspects of virtual collaboration.

100% Game-based learning


Multiple difficulty levels to challenge even the most experienced teams


Easily set up events with up to 1000 people

Whether running small team sessions or company-wide events, there’s no need to stress. Participants can join by simply clicking a game link and are then split into teams of 5 to 7 people.


No downloads, no accounts


Random or custom teams

Use it with any major video conferencing app that supports breakout rooms

Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Webex, they all work great with Houston.

video call app

Analyze team performance and get insights on remote collaboration skills

Overview group and team performance in the virtual environment and measure improvement while opening discussions about the balance between efficiency and effectiveness in high performing teams.


Automatically generate performance reports


Compare against global benchmarks

analytics report
video call app

Encrypted connection & no personal data stored

All personal participant data is automatically erased from our database immediately after the event (eg. personal identifiers such as name and e-mail) and we respect all privacy practices in compliance with the latest GDPR requirements.

All the features
you need to run
a smooth

Breakout rooms

Participants are split into breakout rooms, so it’s easy to jump from room to room or bring everyone together.

Team progress overview

The main dashboard makes it easy to monitor each team’s progress throughout the simulation.

Custom teams

You can either automatically assign players into teams or manually pre-assign them before session starts.

Multiple languages

Virtual team simulations are currently available in English, Spanish and German with more languages to come.

Link learning resources

Send participants links to external learning resources while they work in the simulation.

Latecomers welcomed

Any participants that join in after the simulation starts can still be assigned into a current breakout room.

Quick assistance

When in need, each team can send an assistance request to event organizers so they can join the room.

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