Analyze & develop virtual collaboration skills for the whole company

Integrate Houston as a company-wide live learning tool to provide insights and develop remote teams

Integrate Houston as part of different HR processes

Recruitment of remote employees 

Assess remote working skills for your candidates including their ability to learn and adapt

Onboarding of remote employees

Engage and align new remote employees on the right remote working processes

Company-wide skills assessment

Overview remote working skill levels across all departments

Training & development for remote employees

Improve working skills and processes of remote teams

“The Houston Platform has been a game changer for our customers. The powerful learning output and data analytics derived from the team scenarios help our clients futureproof and upskill their workforce so they can adapt to the new world of remote work.”

Niall O’Connor, Company Director @Dynamic Events

Benchmark against global teams to build high performing remote teams

See how well your employees perform compared to other remote teams in your area.

* Global leaderboards based on country.

How skills are developed
Our virtual learning process is based on constant improvement of previously acquired virtual collaboration behaviours. See how it works and how you can translate it into your own training programs with Houston.

Team diagnostic

Level 1

Engage teams in the first team simulation to create a starting benchmark on virtual collaboration and see how they perform.

Analyze progress

Level 2

Re-engage teams in the second challenge with increased difficulty to practice newly discovered behaviours.

Improve performance

Level 3

An even more complex challenge that consolidates newly learned behaviours and lets teams adapt them to multiple virtual contexts.

Transfer behaviours

Level 4

Help teams address previously identified areas of improvement and transfer newly acquired skills in real life.

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