Grow the right skills for high performing remote teams

Rob Day, Managing Director @Turnaround

“The sequential nature of the programs allows us to benchmark current skills, build development strategies and then retest to measure learning improvements.”

Gamified virtual team simulations that challenge different aspects of remote work

The activities in the platform help remote employees to practice virtual working skills.


Specially developed experiential activities for the virtual working environment


Behavioural & performance analytics

It’s a process of continuous optimization

Team diagnostic

Level 1

Engage teams in the first team simulation to create a starting benchmark on virtual collaboration and see how they perform.

Analyze progress

Level 2

Re-engage teams in the second challenge with increased difficulty to practice newly discovered behaviours.

Improve performance

Level 3

An even more complex challenge that consolidates newly learned behaviours and lets teams adapt them to multiple virtual contexts.

Transfer behaviours

Level 4

Help teams address previously identified areas of improvement and transfer newly acquired skills in real life.

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